Which gaming services does the PS5 DualSense Controller work with?

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Please note, all these gaming services were tested using a Mac. Windows PC may offer different results.

Does PS5 Controller work with Fortnite (Epic Games Launcher)?

Yes, if using the Epic Games Launcher on your Mac or PC, Epic Games’ like Fortnite will recognise the controller allowing you to game using your PC.

Does PS5 Controller work with Steam?

Yes, you can play controller compatible games using Steam.

We testing playing CS:GO (Counter Strike Global Offensive) and it worked perfectly.

Does PS5 Controller work with Google Stadia?

Not officially, Google Stadia currently does not recognise the PS5 Controller.

But there is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to use the PS5 DualSense with Google Stadia perfectly. Find out how here.

This was confirmed by Generation Stadia on Twitter.

We tested Formula One 2020 and it did not work.

But DualShock 4 Controllers still work.

Does PS5 Controller work with iPhone?

No, currently it is not possible to connect a PS5 Controller to an iPhone. It doesn’t show up in the bluetooth menu to even allow you to connect it.

We can only hope that these other gaming services updates their software soon so that they become PS5 DualSense Controller compatible.


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