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How to iterate over an array using Java Streams

Iterate over an array using Java Streams Printing elements in an array using Java Streams This stream using a lambda function in the forEach loop to print the element.

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Logback. Logging in a Maven Java Project

Correct and consistent logging is imperative in any software project. Logback is one of the most popular and widely used logging solutions for Java projects. This tutorial will show you how to add Logback...

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OpenAPI 3.0 Documentation for Spring

The OpenAPI V3 specification is the successor to the original Swagger documentation. This article will show you how to configure your Spring App to autogenerate the API documentation for the API you are developing....

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Create Java AWS Lambda using Maven

Maven Project setup In the pom.xml, you will need to update the build settings of the project. Add the following maven config: AWS Lambda Dependencies In order to write lambdas in Java in a...

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Maps and HashMaps

The Map interface is an object that maps keys to values. Methods putIfAbsent() The putIfAbsent() method attempts to add a key-value pairing to the map if it is not already present. If the key...

Maven tutorial setup 1


What is Maven? Maven is a build automation tool used mainly for Java projects but it can also be used for other projects written in Scala, C# and other languages. Installing Maven on a...