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Spring boot profile IntelliJ 0

Set Spring Boot Profile IntelliJ

To set the active profile of your Spring Boot project in IntelliJ go to: -> Edit Configurations… ->VM options In VM options enter the spring profile that you want active using the command: -Dspring.profiles.active=<<YOUR...


Airtable button to send emails – Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to create a button in Airtable to automatically pre-fill an email with the email addresses in an Airtable record. Code Sign up to Airtable for free here: https://airtable.com/invite/r/35y6oRwU

CommandLineRunner 0

Spring Boot CommandLineRunner

CommandLineRunner is an interface to run specific pieces of code when an application is started. The interface gets called just before run() on the SpringBoot command SpringApplication.run(). CommandLine Runner can be implemented as a...

Spring Annotations 0

Java Spring Boot Annotations

@Autowire @Autowire is used to inject a dependency into an object. There are two ways of using @Autowire, field injection and constructor injection. Field injection Constructor injection Construction injection is recommended over field inject...

SonarLink invoke method conditionally 0

SonarLint: Invoke method(s) only conditionally

If you are using IntelliJ and are using the SonarLint linting plugin, then you may have come across the error: SonarLint: Invoke method(s) only conditionally Problem This error is often caused when using a...

passport 0

Validating an EPassport

Overview of data stored in an EPassport Data Groups All Data Groups in the passport are in the form of data templates and have individual ASN.1 Tags. The minimum mandatory items of data stored...

Git Operations 0

Git Operations

Getting latest commits from one branch into another branch If you have two branches, master and feature and master has some commits on it that you want to bring into your feature branch then...

Angular local host network 0

Access Angular app outside of localhost

When you run npm start or ng serve on an Angular app, you can access your Angular app on localhost But what if you want to access the server from outside the machine you...

Spring boot actuator 0

Logging HTTP Requests in Spring using Spring Boot Actuator

The Spring Boot Actuator can be used for logging and tracing HTTP requests. Dependencies Configuration Logging Run your spring boot application. Once it is running, query the endpoint http://localhost:8080/actuator/httptrace The endpoint actuator/httptrace will return...

IntelliJ recognise Maven Project 0

[SOLVED] IntelliJ not recognising Maven Project

If you have imported a Maven project into IntelliJ then chances are that IntelliJ is unable to reconcile the project and all your imports will show errors. In addition IntelliJ will not recognise your...