Important Questions To Ask Interviewers In A Software Engineering Interview

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Interviews tend to be very one sided with the Interviewer asking the majority of the questions.

But it is important that you know the fine details of the role to make sure that the role is what you expect it to be and that there are no surprises when you start the company and have rejected any other offers that you had.


  • What team will you be working in?
  • What product / service does is this team responsible?
  • What is the reason you are recruiting for a software engineer? Has someone left or has there been investment to expand the team?
  • What is the team composition? Proportion of backend/frontend engineers, testers, product analysts etc.
  • How much autonomy does the team have to make decisions without business approval? How empowered are the developers?
  • Is there a dedicated Scrum Master to facilitate good Agile practices?


  • What version of Java/JavaScript/Python/Node is the team using?
  • Which cloud provider are the services deployed onto?
  • Do you use X particular technology? (If you are interested in using a particular technology?
  • Will I be expected to be using any technologies aside from what is in the job description? e.g. if you are a Java developer, will you be expected to do Node?
  • (If you are a specifically a backend or front end engineer) Is there an expectation for engineers to be ‘full stack’ engineers?
  • How many requests per second / minute does the system handle?
  • What monitoring tools do you use?

Ways of working

  • Does the team have the autonomy to deploy when they want to in a CI/CD way? Is business approval required before going to release?
  • Do you follow Agile methodologies?

Work-life balance

  • What sort of hours do the engineering team work in addition to their standard core hours?
  • Is there on-call work? Are you expected to be on call on a rota out of hours to support any high priority down time in the system outside of business hours?

Growth, learning and personal development

  • Is there a structured career plan?
  • What learning resources are available? e.g. LinkedIn Learning, O’Reilley, Pluralsight?
  • Does the company pay for certifications and courses? e.g. AWS Certifications?
  • Is there are a training budget?

General questions

  • What has been the most challenging part of working at company X?
  • What has been the most enjoyable part of working at company X?


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