How to decode a JWT in Java and get attributes

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JWT are used throughout everywhere web development to authenticate users.

But decoding them isn’t straightforward when it is received on the backend.

The solution below shows how to decode a JWT in Java.


Add the nimbus maven dependency to your Java pom.xml.


Then create a new decoder class and use the nimbus library to decode the JWT.

The example below shows how to get the sub / subject from the JWT.

To get other attributes, you can find the other functions available on the JWTClaimsSet object in the java doc.

public class Decoder {

  public String decodeJWT(String token) throws ParseException {

    SignedJWT decodedJWT = SignedJWT.parse(token);
    JWTClaimsSet jwtClaimsSet = decodedJWT.getJWTClaimsSet();
    return jwtClaimsSet.getSubject();



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