Metapack London Software Engineer Interview

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The Metapack London software engineer interview was a 2 hour technical interview with the Head of Engineering and a Tech Lead.

The interview was split into two parts:

  1. Java coding exercise
  2. General technical competency questions

Java Coding Exercise

Given the interface com.metapack.assignment.Accumulator, create a Java implementation and a
reasonable amount of tests (i.e. JUnit, TestNG, Spock or Cucumber; choose freely) to prove it
correct. The implementation should follow the guidelines described in the Javadoc of the interface.

An Accumulator maintains a running total sum of one or more variables. Updating of this total
value is done by accumulating more variables. Reading the total value is done by calling the
getTotal method. The accumulate method returns the sum of its arguments (which is added to the
total running value).

package com.metapack.assignments;

 * <p>Accumulates one or more variables together and maintains a running {@code int} sum of the
 * elements. Updates to this total sum are done via the {@link #accumulate} method. The current
 * value of the running total is returned by calling {@link #getTotal}.</p>
 * <p>The initial value of the running sum is 0.</p>
 * <p>The total sum can be set to 0 by calling {@link #reset}.</p>
 * <p>Usage example:
 * <pre>
 * Accumulator accumulator = ...;
 * int firstSum = accumulator.accumulate(1, 2, 3);
 * int secondSum = accumulator.accumulate(4);
 * int total = accumulator.getTotal();
 * </pre>
 * In this case, the value of {@code firstSum} is 6, {@code secondSum} is 4 and the value of {@code
 * total} is 10. Calling {@code accumulator.reset()} would reset the total value to 0.</p>
public interface Accumulator {

   * <p>Adds one or more values to the running sum.</p>
   * <p>This method calculates the sum of the given arguments first, then updates the total value
   * with this sum.</p>
   * @param values
   *     the item or items to add to the running total
   * @return the sum of the arguments passed to the method
  int accumulate(int... values);

   * <p>The current value of the total sum.</p>
   * @return the total sum value
  int getTotal();

   * <p>Resets the running value to 0.</p>
  void reset();



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